Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Winter here to stay?

Well, that November snow didn't last 24hrs.  But yesterday we got a good dusting and some more today.  Judging by the forecast for tomorrow, Winter is here.  Very late for this neck of the woods.  Although, we got next to no summer with all the rain.  Regardless where you stand on the Global Warming issue, you have to admit weather patterns are changing.

My supplies from Mountain Rose Herbs came today and I quickly whipped up a batch of this homemade hand lotion.  I put it in 2 wide mouth half pint jars from Kerr that I was hoping to use for mushroom cultivation.  They were hard to find!  Hopefully, I'll have enough left for mushrooms when I get around to that project.

The half pint is a good size seeing as how this stuff has a shelf life of at most 3 months.  Its cooling now.  I'll post a pic later.  I'll see if anyone wants to try it at work tomorrow.

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